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GETT Company profile

GETT was established in 1996 and is one of the leading providers of "Made in Germany" professional operating technology. As hardware experts, we produce high-quality products and solutions for the industrial, medical and trading industries.

In 2000, GETT registered trademark Indukey®, Indukey® represents high-quality products and solutions.
Indukey® contains 4 sub-brands, namely Indudur®, Induproof®, Indusense® and Industeel®. Indudur® represents the brand of operating solutions and components, specializing in the production of thin-film human-machine interfaces; Induproof® represents the brand of keyboards and operating parts, specializing in the production of silicone human-machine interfaces; Indusense® represents the highest quality and provides customers with personalized Solutions, specializing in the production of capacitive human-machine interfaces and Industeel®, is a brand of HMI solutions with user interfaces, specializing in the production of stainless steel human-machine interfaces.

In 2007, with the development of the Indukey brand and the establishment of GETT North America Co., Ltd. (USA), GETT began its overseas expansion.

In 2014, the first subsidiary in Asia, Jiante Asia Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. At this time, GETT had taken over the global production and sales rights of the famous Canadian brand Cleankeys.

In 2015, GETT Assembly (Asia) Co., Ltd. was established, with a perfect system of independent production and quality management in Shenzhen.

GETT was one of 4 companies to win the Saxon milestone in 2018. The decisive factor for the award of the prize is a successful company succession. The electronics specialist from Treuner achieved first place in the category "internal company succession". If you are interested, please check the website to get in touch with us.

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