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GETT-GROUP provides customers with high quality products and solutions for the industrial, HMI, commercial and medical industries. We provide medical mouse and keyboard.

About us

GETT-Asia is a leading provider of HMI hardware for the medical and the industrial sector. We are dedicated in rendering quality products and immense support along with technical consulting to the GETT’s supply chain.

Germany’s GETT-Group was established in 1996. As a subsidiary company of it, we have rich experience how to handle customers’ problems better.

Product quality, customers’ individual requirements, logistic plan etc., are not problems in GETT Asia Ltd. All you need is just to place an order and we bring the final products to you.

Following the expansion of GETT Asia Ltd. (GA) to GETT Assembly (Asia) Co. Ltd. (GAA), the Original Equipment Manufacturer function is assisted and done in GAA. Likewise, sourcing suppliers and quality control of products i.e. product testing and screening task is also performed in GAA for the Asia Pacific region.

The establishing of our own factory which makes us to take 100% control of product quality, handle and respond to customers’ specifications more easily and quickly.

GETT Asia Ltd.
Room 806-7, Kowloon Plaza No. 485 Castle Peak Road
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3461 9789

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Moses Chan
Account Manager
Phone: +86 155 46878173
Lance Lang
Business Development Representative
Phone: +86 158 89535551

Products and services

Keyboards and mice are an ideal environment for germs and bacteria. This gives rise to potential risk situations in hygiene-sensitive areas like food production or the health sector.

It therefore makes great sense to use special keyboards and mice developed for these areas so that you can achieve the following results:

1. Protect patients and staff from any pathogens that infect the input device
2.Protect your employees
3.Improve the overall hygiene situation
4.Prevent any nosocomial sicknesses
5.Guarantee that infections do not spread
6.Cleanliness and hygiene at public information centers too
7.Reduce patient treatment times and downtimes by reducing the number of germs

We can provide washable keyboards and mice to meet any requirements. The spectrum ranges from a water-resistant office keyboard to a fully enclosed professional keyboard for use in extremely critical hygiene situations. Products through EN60601-1-2 Ed 4, RoHS, CE, IP68 certification.

KSI-U10210 Medical silicone keyboard

1.IP68 rated medical keyboard
2.Adjustable brightness of backlight(TOUCH+)
3.Fully washable and disinfectable
4.109 keys incl.num pad and track pad
5.Waterproof silicone USB protection cap
6.Excellent tactile feeling
7.Integrated Clean Mode for cleaning
8.Magnetic mounting
9.EN60601-1-2 Ed 4 certified

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PAL-U10220 Foldable silicone control panel

1.Foldable silicone control panel
2.Adjustable brightness of backlight(PANEL+)
3.109 keys incl.num pad and track pad
4.Lock after panel folded
5.Excellent tactile feeling
6.Integrated Clean Mode for cleaning
7.EN60601-1-2 Ed 4 certified
8.2 USB extention port

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KG22203 German medical silicone keyboard

1.USB connection
2.IP68 waterproof and easy cleaning
3.One key button for clean mode
4.InduProof silicone seal keyboard
5.Magnetic mounting to metal medical cart
6.Adjustable brightness of backlight
7.Individual customization

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News & Innovations

GETT 100% sterilizable washable keyboard and mouse
The mouse and keyboard produced by GETT can achieve the highest protection level of IP68, 100% washable and sterilized, suitable for intensive care unit, operating room and other environments with strict sanitary requirements, waterproof and dustproof products have passed EN60601-1-2 Ed 4, RoHS, CE and other certifications.
GETT products have passed the EN60601-1-2 Ed 4 certification
EN60601-1-2 Ed 4 applies to the basic safety and essential performance of Medical Equipment(ME)equipment and ME systems in the presence of electromagnetic disturbances and to electromagnetic disturbances emitted by ME equipment and ME systems.
At the same time, our products have passed RoHS, CE and other certification.
This means that our keyboard and mouse can provide users with a more comfortable, safer and cleaner experience.

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