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Since the year 1932, the German company Gimmi® GmbH from Tuttlingen - World Center for Medical Technology - is working as a manufacturer of medical technology instruments and devices. Gimmi®’s main focus lies in endoscopy – primarily in the field of microinvasive surgery the medium-sized firm offers leading products for the medical market. The guiding principle of the company ‘Surgical technology adapted to life.’ expresses that for Gimmi®’s philosophy customer satisfaction plays an important role: Not only the surgeon, who is working with the Gimmi® instruments, but above all the patient should be satisfied at the end.

Today Gimmi is now in the fourth generation - complemented by a deep partnership with the Vitalmex Group. Vitalmex as the largest healthcare provider in Mexico provides "integrated solution service solutions". With this background and the wide range of products from GIMMI® we are very well prepared for the common healthcare challenges.

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News & Innovations


For saving costs and space, Gimmi has developed a multi functional pump. The Alpha Versa Pump combines four applications in one unit. The simple handling as well the safety feature for every application complete the design of the pump.

Bipolar Resectoscope

With the bipolar resectoscope, Gimmi® created an outstanding instrument for resections in urology and gynaecology. The combination of new electrodes and new instrument design offers a safe, efficient and economic solution for transurethral resection and intra-uterine surgery. The resection under irrigating fluids requires high power, so that a constant cutting quality can be ensured. With the bipolar procedure, the current flow is concentrated on the operating field only and not – like with the monopolar method – passed from the surgical field through surrounding tissue and the body of the patient back to the HF surgical unit via a neutral electrode.
In bipolar, the use of NaCl irrigation solution as a medium prevents the danger of TUR Syndrom.


The 4K technology is being used more and more frequently in medical technology. This trend prompted Gimmi to expand its product range and optimize existing products to 4K UHD resolution. The AlphaNovoCam 4K UHD camera unit is about to be launched, a rigid laparoscope and a TV adapter are already available with the new 4K UHD technology. During Medica 2015 we presented the first sample of 4K UHD optimized AlphaScope™ II. To date, we have received very positive feedback.

In addition to the significantly higher resolution, the much wider color space, it also makes an important contribution to even safer use in medical technology.

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