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CAWO Solutions was founded in 1947 and was operating from the town Schrobenhausen in the Bavarian country-side since then.

Over the years CAWO became known as a manufacturer and supplier of radiographic accessories. The main product ranges are: customised solutions of digital and dental imaging plates, radiographic and protective accessories. The product portfolio is now completed with Dry Printer and Dry film solutions.

The CAWO Solutions Team is realising creative and efficient customised solutions. We are taking care of our customers with a flexible approach, focussing on market needs, connecting people and continents.

Quality and efficiency are the concepts to which CAWO is committed now and in the future.

Further information about CAWO is available on the Internet home page http://www.cawo.com.

Products and services

Medical Devices

  • Hardcopy Printer and Film
  • Digital Imaging Plates
  • Dental Imaging Plates
  • Radiographic Accessories
  • Protective Accessories

CAWO DRY 2.4 - Direct Digital Imager, Dual Media Size and DICOM-native imager, which makes network connectivity easy.
• Excellent reliability, minimum maintenance
• Direct digital imaging technology
• Convenient imaging with two media sizes on-line
• Easy daylight loading

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CAWO Dry Film

CAWO DRY Film direct digital greyscale medium (blue base) offers high contrast, high density and high throughput for CAWO DRY 2.4 Imager, producing premier quality hardcopies.

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CAWO Digital and Dental Imaging Plates

CAWO Digital Imaging Plates are high-technology versions as key link in the digital imaging chain, ensuring improved image quality for dedicated applications.

CAWO Dental Imaging Plates are specially designed for High Resolution applications for intra-oral dental use. The extra-thin-design grants highest comfort during exposure for the patient.

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CAWO Solutions
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Contact person

Stefan Peters
CAWO Manager
Phone: +49 1511 2668 978
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