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S-Guide from VBM - malleable intubating guide for Difficult Airway Management

Up to 3% of surgical patients have a difficult airway, making laryngoscopic intubation problematic or impossible.
One option to overcome difficult scenario consists in using intubating guides and stylets. However the multitude of designs makes it delicate to select one standard device.

Developed in cooperation with PD Dr. Patrick Schoettker (University Hospital of Lausanne/Switzerland), the new VBM intubating stylet S-Guide unifies all essential specifications that are usually split between introducers and

3 important features combined in one single device:
1- Hollow tube enabling oxygenation through specific O2 connector
2- Malleable segment with appropriate stiffness to ease manoeuvrability
3- Preformed soft tip to avoid Trauma

Especially during video laryngoscopy, for which viewing the glottis is less an issue than placing the endotracheal
tube, the S-Guide is ideal to take full advantage of the performances of the new visualization systems. See for details.

Exhibitor: VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

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