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German Pavilion at CMEF Autumn 2018

29 October – 1 November 2018 – Shenzhen, P. R. China

Curasan AG

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curasan AG is a public company listed in the General Standard at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Curasan AG is a leading German manufacturer in regenerative medicine.

Our stypro hemostyptic is used in major Chinese hospitals in surgery and dentistry. Stypro offers fast hemostasis , has a high absorbent potential upto 50 times of its own weight, has optimal porosity and interconnection and is resorbable and implantable. It is available in different sizes to fit the needs of different surgical departments.
curasan´s innovative products are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other international authorities and available in almost 50 countries worldwide. Numerous patents and a broad record of scientific publications demonstrate the clinical success of curasan´s highly innovative products.

As exclusive distribution partner in China, Beijing Bicom Tc Company presents curasan´s innovative solutions for tissue enigineering, wound healing and hemostasis.

stypro® is a sterile, highly porous sponge that is implantable and resorbable. This biomaterial, which was originally developed for hemostasis and is used for that purpose in a wide range of surgical fields, is further characterized by outstanding workability. More recent applications have demonstrated advantages also in tissue engineering and thus in wound healing of soft-tissue defects.

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